Progetto Froneri

Welcome to the place that has seen the birth of products that have written the history of Italian taste (and tradition). Millions of ice-creams from the Froneri headquarters in Ferentino, in the province of Frosinone, end up on tables all over the world every day; they include the iconic Coppa del Nonno and Maxibon.

The production plant is the result of painstaking restructuring work carried out in 2019, which transformed it into a veritable cold chain logistics hub.

The project was overseen and managed by Studio Design and is the fruit of major investment in modernisation, automation and innovation.

The facility is made up of two bodies: on one side are the meeting and conference rooms, separated by glass walls, on the other are open-space offices. A standout feature of the industrial concept of the interior is the colour and softness of the Milani seating, some of which customised in “Froneri blue”. Models include: People, used to spectacular effect in communal areas to create functional meeting and business spaces; and the Nuvola family, which combines contract and professional functionalities with the utmost comfort to give a relaxing feel to the ambience in which it is fitted, in this case communal and waiting areas.

For the offices and operating zones, Froneri has opted for Milani ergonomics, functionality and solidity, with Lex swivel chairs, ingenious Zed chairs and Dolly, a flexible chair collection that can be adapted to all the diverse needs of modern workspaces.


project by
Studio Design, Salvatore Galante, Madea Arredi

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