a family tale

About us

We are a leading Italian company for office and contract seating. Our history was built on our great experience and ability to see change with optimism.

Culture and Passion

In 1975 Luigina Serafin, a skilled and expert tailor, began sewing padding for office furniture on her “Singer” sewing machine with the help of her husband Rino Milani, who was a specialised welder by day and assistant trimmer in the evening. She thus opened her own company.


The construction of the first workshop stemmed from one of Rino’s intuitions: to combine his technical experience with Luigina’s tailoring skills. This is where they developed their first prototypes of seats and sofas for the home and office. In 1986 the upholstery company “Serafin e Milani snc” was established.

the evolutionary path

The new generation

Our company’s path has been marked by many stages: from Luigina’s individual company to the establishment of Milani S.r.L. in Meolo in 1997, up to the opening of the new headquarters in Roncade in 2015 to celebrate the company’s forty year anniversary.
A path marked by the spirit and values we have inherited from the past: passion and dedication to work. A philosophy that continues today with the entry of the new generation and the commitment of the daughters Nicoletta, Giuliana and Francesca to the company’s management.

International expansion

Our continuous search for a strategic proposal to meet clients’ needs is an approach that has allowed us to develop and evolve as a company and establish relationships with international markets. Our sales network extends throughout Europe, Canada, Latin America and the Arab countries.

Teamwork in Italy

The desire to broaden our horizons and create synergies of professionalism and expertise with other companies in the area is part of our identity. This is why we have chosen to be part of the UniVerso Treviso consortium, to support and sponsor the Treviso Basketball team.

tailor-made philosophy


Our work is qualified by our creativity and tailoring expertise: a deep knowledge of fabrics and tangible experience in processing them testifies to our inherited know-how, applied to a future vision in new forms.

Experience and tradition

Tailor-made is the value that always accompanies us and inspires us, it is creative work combined with technique. It speaks of design, harmony, solidity and the ergonomics of shapes. It is the ability that has allowed us to begin collaborations with design studios and work in a less standardized fashion.

Certified quality

Our commitment to research and product quality is supported by the introduction of company certifications that allow us to sustain consistent and organised growth.

quality, environment, safety


Our quality management systems support our programme of planned, consistent growth.
Our company’s organization is constantly monitored through our Quality Management system, which in compliance to the new norms of RISK ASSESSMENT (risk anaylis), allow the company to work preventively on problem solving as well as on the strong and weak points (SWOT ANALYSIS).

Integrated certified system

  • Quality ISO 9001
  • Environment ISO 14001
  • Occupational healt and safety OHSAS 18001
  • Product certifications



via delle Industrie II, 5/7
30020 Meolo (VE) Italy

tel. +39 0422 1860501


via di Porta Tenaglia, 7N3
20121 Milano (MI) Italy



104 – 110 Goswell Road
London EC1V 7DH


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