The new Milani 2022 Catalog is online


Reinventing ourselves as a response to a changing world.

We have expanded our vision of comfort and well-being from workplaces to contract spaces and to the home. We did it by using our best raw material: experience, which you find condensed between the pages and in the products of the new Catalog 2022, finally online. Inside you will find a broad and detailed horizon of proposals for designing, furnishing, living and working in spaces in a continuous and accelerated changing world.

Milani’s offer has been remodeled to fully satisfy the transformations taking place in an increasingly fluid era, to strengthen the service and accompany the customer in all phases of the product’s life, to communicate with the world of design through solutions that explore new languages. This is why a lot of attention is dedicated to systems, which are increasingly agile, and to the design of extremely versatile and adaptable proposals to specific needs.

We have kept the well-being of the person and that of the environment at the center. Adding to the already numerous finishes available new sustainable materials: Reviva fabric derived from the recycling of plastic bottles and Seaqual® Yarn, yarn with properties similar to those of virgin polyester but 100% recycled.

Among the main innovations: People Home, People Work and People Phone (design Alessandro Crosera), the new evolutions of the People system which in 2017 had anticipated the current trends in the office and contract world; the Quiet modular modules and the Beth series of armchairs, sofas and lounges, designed by Crosera with Elena Pistolato; the MI Chair designed by Giovanni Ingignoli to accompany the person at any time of the day; Plot, Milani’s first series of sound-absorbing panels designed by Margherita Rui, as well as Bakku, a collection of poufs and accessories that allows you to create playful islands of relaxation within shared spaces.

Take a seat and enjoy your reading!

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