An expanding catalogue of indoor and outdoor furniture

SpazioMILANI is the result of collaboration between Milani and the Basaglia + Rota Nodari studio, presenting a catalogue of products in continuous evolution, designed for environments that blur the lines between indoor and outdoor, workspaces, living areas, and hospitality spaces. It’s not just for offices, but also for hospitality, food, and community sectors.

INFINITO, CASTORE, TITANO and LUNAPIENA are the evocative names of the first furniture pieces in this expanding universe: seating, stools, tables, sofas, and lamps suitable for professional environments, restaurants, hotels, public spaces, and even homes.

The collection is made from metal, thus minimizing environmental impact: the products are recyclable and easily disassemblable.

Highly adaptable, SpazioMILANI’s solutions cater to modern, agile, and dynamic lifestyles, embodying Milani’s enduring mission of welcoming with care through gentle and hospitable designs.