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Milani family

family history

The story of the Milani family begins in 1975 when Luigina, an expert seamstress started stitching the first furnishings for the office and opened her first enterprise together with a partner and a contribution from her husband Rino, a specialized welder by day and assistant finisher by night.

A few years later, Luigina and Rino decided to continue their activity independently; the dressmaking skills of one and the technical expertise of the other complemented themselves, thus allowing them to attain the first results, such as the construction of a small warehouse of 300 square meters.

In 1986 the new firm Serafin &Milani was founded, which involved the whole family: that positive spirit, the strong sense of union and constant sharing of everything made it possible to face a period of growth on all fronts. At the same time, Luigina, as well as developing prototypes for seating and couches for both homes and offices, continued to make unusual clothes, characterized by the use of particular fabrics, often a collage of remnants and scraps, reinvented with the precision of a seamstress to become new creations.



The end of the eighties saw an intense period of development and experimentation in spite of the economic difficulties and Luigina’s daughters were called in to help with the company. Expansion in terms of space and renewed confidence on behalf of the clients lead to the inauguration of a new branch in Meolo and in 1998, the nearby warehouse used for storage – Milani Srl was born.

At the beginning of the year 2000, the firm took the direction of direct-response selling, thus redefining the internal structure and consolidating the roles of the new generation: Nicoletta at the helm of the commercial network, Giuliana in charge of re-organization of the production and Francesca of the renovation of the technical/administrative/commercial department.


The year 2005 significantly marked the ascent of the company thanks to the attainment of the Iso Certification; with the solid roots of an all-Italian artisan tradition, it proceeds along the route of international development, always trying to operate with coherence, passing down its history and its values.


Choosing the artisan tradition as an instrument for interpreting creativity,  developing a sense of devotion to work as a work ethic, as a method for facing constant renewal, integrating enthusiasm and rationality – these are the key points for  a company to be successful.


Maintaining the integrity that is typical of a tailoring tradition while searching for innovation in design – this is the direction chosen by Milani to achieve the maximum satisfaction of the client and demonstrate that all the experience inherited from the past still contains an extremely modern dimension.







Experience and preparation in the sector of seating for offices, combined with an exhaustive knowledge of the fabrics and their manufacture, all these bear witness to a wealth of experience accumulated over the years with which the company looks decidedly towards the future.

professional tailoring

The artisan approach to the project in hand consents an interpretation of seating possibilities that shows flexibility and dynamism while giving voice to the qualities of personalization and tailor-made preparation in order to achieve continuous evolution in production.

certified quality

The commitment to the search for quality of the product consents coherent and organized growth of our activity that is guaranteed by the company certifications.